Cora "Dot" Schemonia
B: 1932-12-23
D: 2018-10-05
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Schemonia, Cora "Dot"
James "Jim" Rees
B: 1935-07-12
D: 2018-10-02
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Rees, James "Jim"
Ronald Hamilton
B: 1963-08-03
D: 2018-10-01
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Hamilton, Ronald
Jimmy Singleton
B: 1943-11-23
D: 2018-09-29
View Details
Singleton, Jimmy
Reid Fantas
B: 1990-04-10
D: 2018-09-28
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Fantas, Reid
Stephen Jines
B: 1952-02-06
D: 2018-09-27
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Jines, Stephen
"Danny" (Daniel Alan) Morefield
B: 1967-09-01
D: 2018-09-25
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Morefield, "Danny" (Daniel Alan)
Lofton Atnip, Jr.
B: 1933-04-13
D: 2018-09-20
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Atnip, Jr., Lofton
Jeffery Spicer
B: 1965-09-13
D: 2018-09-16
View Details
Spicer, Jeffery
Doyle Crabtree
B: 1937-02-28
D: 2018-09-14
View Details
Crabtree, Doyle
Connie Clover
B: 1956-11-26
D: 2018-09-13
View Details
Clover, Connie
Billy Leonard
B: 1935-10-10
D: 2018-09-13
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Leonard, Billy
Sandra Cox
B: 1942-05-03
D: 2018-09-11
View Details
Cox, Sandra
Robert "Bobby" Lee
B: 1964-07-31
D: 2018-08-26
View Details
Lee, Robert "Bobby"
Charles Foster
B: 1933-01-18
D: 2018-08-25
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Foster, Charles
Joe Burkey
B: 1925-04-06
D: 2018-08-22
View Details
Burkey, Joe
Doris Castlebery
B: 1930-03-01
D: 2018-08-16
View Details
Castlebery, Doris
Robert Barnum
B: 1940-07-10
D: 2018-08-11
View Details
Barnum, Robert
Doris Lyerla
B: 1927-03-07
D: 2018-08-10
View Details
Lyerla, Doris
Margaret Elizabeth "Betty" Barger
B: 1926-08-21
D: 2018-08-10
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Barger, Margaret Elizabeth "Betty"
Anthony "Tony" Rinella, Jr.
B: 1948-10-24
D: 2018-08-10
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Rinella, Jr., Anthony "Tony"


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Genealogy-Last name begins with R

The following is a listing of all of the people with the last names beginning with R, that our funeral home has served since 1929.

If you would like genealogy information, please email us at List the name(s) of the people that you are requesting information on, your name and relationship to the deceased, and put GENEALOGY REQUEST in the subject line of the email.

Raddle, Mollie
Rader,  (Mary) Marie
Rader, Donald
Ragle, Dorothy
Ragle, John
Ragle, John
Ragle, Ruby
Rahming, Bessie
Raines, Bessie
Raines, Doris
Raines, James
Raines, June
Raines, Neal
Raines, Norman
Raines, Ruby
Raines, Vivien
Raines, Wilburn
Rains, (Thomas) Glen
Rains, Daniel
Rains, Earl Jr.
Rains, Ella
Rains, Elsie
Rains, Essie
Rains, Fount 
Rains, Joseph
Rains, Kenneth
Rains, Leau
Rains, Louise
Rains, Millard
Rains, Myrtle
Rains, Nathan
Rains, Ora
Rains, Paul
Rains, Ruth
Rains, Steven
Rains, Sylvester
Rains, Thomas
Rains, Violet
Rains, William
Rains, Zelphia
Rallens, Harriet
Ralston, Charles
Ramos Pak, Maria
Ramsey, Dorothy
Ramsey, Lois
Ramsey, Mark
Randolph, Amber
Randolph, Carrell
Randolph, Dortha
Randolph, Lisa
Randolph, Mary
Randolph, Owen
Rands, Barbara (Cornett)
Range, Ira
Ransdell, John
Ratcliff, Julia (Vandiver)
Rath, Alta
Rath, Joseph
Ravenscraft, Harry 
Ravenscraft, Lena
Rawlings, Alice
Rawlings, Carrie
Rawlings, Hazel
Rawlings, Sarah
Rawlings, William
Rawson, Mildred
Rawson, Oscar
Ray, Harry Jr.
Ray, Thomas
Raynor, (Elsie) Lucille
Raynor, George "Jack"
Raynor, Harold
Readhead, Mildred
Reagan, Nadine
Reames, Charles Jr. 
Reames, Edward Sr.
Reames, Iva
Reames, Joe
Reames, Leathy
Reames, Mary
Reames, Portia Vancil
Reames, Ralph
Reames, Richard
Reames, Walter
Reams, David
Reams, Dollie
Reams, Evelyn "Jean"
Reardon, Betty
Rebman, Mariam
Redden, Carl
Redden, Ruth
Redman, Phillip
Rednour, Charles
Redo, Mary
Redo, Rose
Reed, Betty Jo Moore
Reed, Beulah Brothers
Reed, Denise
Reed, Donald
Reed, George
Reed, Hannah
Reed, Howard
Reed, Leah
Reed, Lillian
Reed, Linda 
Reed, Margaret "Maggy"
Reed, Marie 
Reed, Robert
Reed, Terry
Reeder, Agnes
Reeder, Arthur
Reeder, Edward
Reeder, Esther
Reeder, Flo
Reeder, James
Reeder, John
Reeder, Lula
Reeder, Margaret
Reeder, Mary
Reeder, Ottie
Reeder, Robert "Bob"
Reeder, Shirley
Reeder, William
Reeder, William
Reeder, William 
Rees, Beatrice
Rees, Edgar
Rees, Marshall "Buster"
Rees, Ruby
Reese, Gladys
Reese, John
Reese, Leslie
Reese, Robert
Reeves, Arthur
Reeves, Clara
Reeves, Cora
Reeves, Cyrusb.
Reeves, Delbert
Reeves, Elvira
Reeves, Esther
Reeves, Floyd Sr.
Reeves, Francis
Reeves, George
Reeves, Harry
Reeves, Harry
Reeves, Helen
Reeves, Inez
Reeves, James
Reeves, James 
Reeves, John
Reeves, John
Reeves, Marjorie
Reeves, Mary
Reeves, Milton
Reeves, Milton "Bucky"
Reeves, Norman
Reeves, Russell
Reeves, William
Reeves, William "Dale"
Reeves, William Roger
Reeves, Wilma 
Reggio, Anna
Reichrath,  Joseph
Reichrath, Alma
Reichrath, James
Reichrath, James "Jim"
Reichrath, John
Reichrath, June
Reichrath, Nora
Reichrath, Paul
Reichrath, Ray
Reichrath, Ruby
Reifsneider, Charles Jr.
Reifsnider, Beulah
Reifsnider, Charles
Reiman, Ada
Reiman, Alice
Reiman, Bertha
Reiman, Burnell
Reiman, Catherine
Reiman, Daisy
Reiman, Dale
Reiman, David
Reiman, Dr. Carl
Reiman, Edwim
Reiman, Frank
Reiman, Gary
Reiman, Harrison "Hash"
Reiman, Herman
Reiman, Irma
Reiman, Iva 
Reiman, James
Reiman, Jerry
Reiman, Jessie
Reiman, John "Leroy"
Reiman, Joseph
Reiman, Julius
Reiman, Mary
Reiman, Maude
Reiman, Myrtle
Reiman, Nettie
Reiman, Noah Jr. 
Reiman, Noah Sr.  
Reiman, Otho
Reiman, Patricia
Reiman, Ralph
Reiman, Robert
Reiman, Robert
Reiman, Rosa
Reiman, Ross
Reiman, Ruby
Reiman, Ruth
Reiman, Walter
Reiman, Wanda "Wendy"
Reiman, Willard 
Reiman, William
Reiman, Wilma "Jiggs"
Reissaus, Willa
Reitz, Nancy
Rendleman, Caleb
Rendleman, Charles
Rendleman, Earl
Rendleman, Infant
Rendleman, James
Rendleman, James "Trigger"
Rendleman, Lizzie
Rendleman, Lula
Rendleman, Marie
Rendleman, Rev. Arthur
Rendleman, Ryan
Rendleman, Sophia
Rendleman, Virginia "Jenny"
Rendleman, William "Bill"
Renfrow, Bertha
Renshaw, Ray
Replogle, Coretta (Dodd)
Replogle, Guy
Repolgle, Ivan
Reynolds, Alice
Reynolds, Erika
Reynolds, Fount
Reynolds, Geneva "Leggins"
Reynolds, George
Reynolds, Heather
Reynolds, Jaraldyne
Reynolds, Jessie
Reynolds, Katherine
Reynolds, Nettie
Reynolds, Rita
Rhine, Janet
Rhine, John
Rhodes, Hazel
Rhodes, Luther
Rhodes, May
Rice, Nettie
Richards,  M/Sgt. William
Richards, Camilla
Richards, Flora
Richards, Jennet
Richards, Nola
Richards, Ora
Richards, Ralph
Richards, Robert
Richards, Rollin
Richards, Rose
Richards, Virginia
Richardson, Ina
Richardson, Ruth
Richey, Robert
Richmond, L. Bruce
Richmond, LaCleeta
Richmond, Randall 
Rickett, Brandi
Ricketts, Carol
Rider, Ruby
Ridge, Alton
Ridge, Edna
Ridings, Bessie
Ridings, Donald
Rieger, Dorothy
Rieman, Alice
Rife, Nancy 
Riggio, (Sallie) Grace
Riggio, Anthony
Riggio, Carlo
Riggio, Domenica
Riggio, Elizabeth
Riggio, Estella
Riggio, Frank
Riggio, Georgia
Riggio, Janet
Riggio, Lena
Riggio, Teresa 
Riggio, Thomas
Riggio, Thomas
Riggio, Thomas
Riggio, Vito
Riggio, Vito
Riggs, (Mary) Estelle
Riggs, Charles
Riggs, John
Riggs, Neil
Riggs, Nellie
Rimbold, Julius
Rimbold, Mary
Rinella, Anthony Sr.
Rinella, Celestine "Sally"
Ripely, Walton
Ripley, (Charles) Edward
Ripley, Alvie
Ripley, Alvie
Ripley, Charles
Ripley, Elton
Ripley, Harriett
Ripley, Kathleen
Ripley, Leonard
Ripley, Nancy
Ripley, Norma
Ripley, Ora
Ripley, Pauline
Ripley, Rose
Ripley, Sarah
Ripley, Shirley
Ripley, William
Ripley, Yula
Ripley, Zilphia
Ritcheson, Burl
Ritcheson, Stella
Ritchie, George
Roach, Dollie
Roach, Earl Jr.
Roach, Leonard
Roach, Linda
Roach, Robert "Bobby"
Robb, Sara
Robert, James
Roberts, Alexander
Roberts, Bertha (Karl)
Roberts, Bertie
Roberts, Billie Junior
Roberts, Britt
Roberts, Britt "Tennessee"
Roberts, Commodore
Roberts, Della
Roberts, Doris
Roberts, George
Roberts, Gillie
Roberts, Henry
Roberts, Homer
Roberts, Homer
Roberts, Ina
Roberts, Infant
Roberts, James
Roberts, James
Roberts, John
Roberts, Joseph "Little Joe"
Roberts, Joseph Jr.
Roberts, Katherine
Roberts, Lucy
Roberts, Maber
Roberts, Mozell
Roberts, Pauline
Roberts, Rev. George
Roberts, Rosemary
Roberts, Theodore
Roberts, Victoria
Roberts, William
Roberts, William
Roberts, William
Robertson, Audrey
Robertson, Donald Sr.
Robertson, Jane
Robertson, Norman
Robertson, Shirley
Robinson, Beatrice
Robinson, Betty
Robinson, Carl
Robinson, Carl
Robinson, Clyde
Robinson, Earl
Robinson, Edna
Robinson, Eria
Robinson, Frank
Robinson, Grace
Robinson, Henry
Robinson, James
Robinson, James
Robinson, John Jr. 
Robinson, Kathryn
Robinson, Lawrence
Robinson, Llewelyn
Robinson, Marie
Robinson, Marise
Robinson, Mary
Robinson, Mary
Robinson, Ray
Robinson, Richard
Robinson, Ruth
Robinson, Wiley
Robinson, William
Robinson, William
Roche, Edward
Rodenwald, William Jr.
Rodman, Doris
Rodman, Edgar
Rodman, Freida
Rodman, George
Rodman, Loretta
Rodman, Mabel
Rodman, Mary
Rodman, Samuel
Rodman, Thelma
Rodman, Thomas
Rodman, Wayne
Rodman, William
Roger, Sherry
Rogers, Angelina
Rogers, Baptista
Rogers, Clara
Rogers, Elmer
Rogers, Francis
Rogers, Herbert 
Rogers, Humbert
Rogers, Jeannine
Rogers, Jerry
Rogers, Kathleen
Rogers, Lee Roy
Rogers, Robert
Rogers, Silas
Rolando, Robert
Rolens, Alpha
Rolens, John
Rolens, Nellie
Rolens, Thomas
Romano, Mary
Romans, Katherine "Kathy"
Rooney, Mary
Rose, Catherine
Rose, Forrest "Frosty"
Rose, Francis
Rose, Hattie
Rose, Mildred
Rose, Nora
Rose, Orval "Bud"
Rose, Ted
Rose, Theodore
Roseberry, Anna
Roseberry, Donald
Roseberry, Edward "Dick"
Roseberry, John "Tommy"
Roseberry, Kathryn
Roseberry, Nancy
Roseberry, Thomas
Roseberry, Tiffany Sr. 
Roseberry, Virginia
Roseberry, Wilford "Wimpy"
Roseberry, Wilfred
Roseberry, William
Roseme, Alex
Roseme, Della
Roseme, Dorothy
Roseme, Leota
Roseme, Thomas
Rosenberger, Dillie
Rosenberger, Dr. Eurice
Rosenberger, Imogene
Rosenberger, Joseph
Rosenberger, Pearl
Rosenberger, Roy
Rosenberger, Scott
Rosenberry, David
Ross, Anna
Ross, Charles
Ross, Jill
Ross, Lois
Rosson, Clara
Rosson, Elgin
Rosson, William Jr. 
Rosson, William Sr. 
Roth, Martin
Roth, Mary
Roudybush, Deborah (Evans)
Rouse, Arlene
Rouse, Elsie Fisher
Rouse, Enoch (Sandy)
Rouse, Thelma
Rowald, Frederick
Rowald, Friederich
Rowald, Katherine
Rowald, Minnie
Rowan, Dorothy  "Dot"
Rowan, Jessie
Rowden, Charlie
Rowden, Mildred
Rowe, George
Rowland, Roe
Rowold, August
Rowold, Clara
Rowold, Daisy
Rowold, Ferne
Rowold, Henry
Rowold, Katherine
Rowold, William
Rowold, William
Roy, Gertrude
Ruble, Bert
Ruble, Bert Sr. 
Ruble, Ferdinand
Ruble, George
Ruble, Katherine
Ruble, Lila
Ruble, Lillian
Ruble, Mary
Ruble, Paul
Ruble, Rosa
Rude, Emma
Rude, Sarah
Rude, Thomas
Rudolph, Raleigh Roger
Ruesy, Afton
Ruesy, John "Jack"
Ruhl, Gregory
Runge, Edward
Runge, Mamie
Runge, Rickie
Ruppert, John Sr. 
Rush, Bertha
Rushing, Iva
Rushing, Mable
Rushing, Margaret
Rushing, Minnie
Rushing, Norman
Rushing, Norman
Rushing, Thomas
Rushing, Uba
Russell, Bobby 
Russell, Charles
Russell, Cornelia
Russell, Cynthia
Russell, Ethel
Russell, Eva
Russell, J. O'dell
Russell, Jennie (Elmore)
Russell, Louis "Louie"
Russell, Luella
Russell, William
Rust, Anna
Rust, Anthony
Rye, David


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