Cora "Dot" Schemonia
B: 1932-12-23
D: 2018-10-05
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Schemonia, Cora "Dot"
James "Jim" Rees
B: 1935-07-12
D: 2018-10-02
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Rees, James "Jim"
Ronald Hamilton
B: 1963-08-03
D: 2018-10-01
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Hamilton, Ronald
Jimmy Singleton
B: 1943-11-23
D: 2018-09-29
View Details
Singleton, Jimmy
Reid Fantas
B: 1990-04-10
D: 2018-09-28
View Details
Fantas, Reid
Stephen Jines
B: 1952-02-06
D: 2018-09-27
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Jines, Stephen
"Danny" (Daniel Alan) Morefield
B: 1967-09-01
D: 2018-09-25
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Morefield, "Danny" (Daniel Alan)
Lofton Atnip, Jr.
B: 1933-04-13
D: 2018-09-20
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Atnip, Jr., Lofton
Jeffery Spicer
B: 1965-09-13
D: 2018-09-16
View Details
Spicer, Jeffery
Doyle Crabtree
B: 1937-02-28
D: 2018-09-14
View Details
Crabtree, Doyle
Connie Clover
B: 1956-11-26
D: 2018-09-13
View Details
Clover, Connie
Billy Leonard
B: 1935-10-10
D: 2018-09-13
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Leonard, Billy
Sandra Cox
B: 1942-05-03
D: 2018-09-11
View Details
Cox, Sandra
Robert "Bobby" Lee
B: 1964-07-31
D: 2018-08-26
View Details
Lee, Robert "Bobby"
Charles Foster
B: 1933-01-18
D: 2018-08-25
View Details
Foster, Charles
Joe Burkey
B: 1925-04-06
D: 2018-08-22
View Details
Burkey, Joe
Doris Castlebery
B: 1930-03-01
D: 2018-08-16
View Details
Castlebery, Doris
Robert Barnum
B: 1940-07-10
D: 2018-08-11
View Details
Barnum, Robert
Doris Lyerla
B: 1927-03-07
D: 2018-08-10
View Details
Lyerla, Doris
Margaret Elizabeth "Betty" Barger
B: 1926-08-21
D: 2018-08-10
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Barger, Margaret Elizabeth "Betty"
Anthony "Tony" Rinella, Jr.
B: 1948-10-24
D: 2018-08-10
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Rinella, Jr., Anthony "Tony"


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Genealogy-Last name begins with P or Q

The following is a listing of all the people with the last name of P or Q, that our funeral home has served since 1929.

If you would like genealogy information, please email us at List the name(s) of the people that you are requesting information on, your name and relationship to the deceased, and put GENEALOGY REQUEST in the subject line of the email.

Padgett, Ruby
Page, Harriet
Paglini, Geneva
Paisley, Irma
Palisch,  Clarence
Palisch, Ida
Palmer, John
Palmer, Lillian
Palmer, Linda
Palmer, Michael
Palmer, Paul
Palmer, Roy
Palmer, Theodore
Panhorst, Joanna "Jo"
Panus, Donald
Parciak, John 
Parkinson, Harriet
Parks, Christopher
Parmer, Sarah
Parrent, Fannie
Parrent, Lydia Swift
Parrish, Frank
Parrish, H. Quentin
Parrish, Margaret Weston
Parrish, Mark
Parrish, Mary
Parrish, Shirley
Parrrish, Robert
Parson, Jerry Jr.
Parsons, Mildred
Parsons, Samuel
Partington, Clara
Partington, Clara
Partington, James
Partridge, Orville
Pascone, John
Pate, Della
Pate, Fannie
Pate, George
Pate, Herman
Pate, Isabel
Pate, Oliver
Pate, Phillip
Patrick, John
Patterson, Sue
Patton, Billie
Patton, Clyde
Patton, Floro
Paul, Christina
Paul, Clement
Paul, Dorothy
Paul, Elizabeth
Paul, Elvira
Paul, Frank
Paul, James
Paul, Julia "Auntie"
Paul, Lawrence
Paul, Lewis
Paul, Mary
Paul, Nicholas
Paul, Nicholas
Paul, Peter
Paul, Peter "Pete"
Paul, Sadie
Paul, William Sr.
Pautler, Albert
Pautler, Alberta
Pautler, Anna
Pautler, Charles
Pautler, Dan
Pautler, Dolores
Pautler, Eunice
Pautler, Ida
Pautler, Norbert
Pautler, Norbert
Pavey, Edward "Ray"
Pavey, Elizabeth (Betty)
Pearson, Shanell
Pedigo, Terri
Peeler, Marie
Peffer, Elizabeth
Pellegrini, Angelo
Pellegrini, August
Pellegrini, Charles
Pellegrini, Charles Jr.
Pellegrini, Don
Pellegrini, Doris
Pellegrini, Frances
Pellegrini, Helen
Pellegrini, Inez
Pellegrini, John
Pellegrini, Joseph
Pellegrini, Joseph
Pellegrini, Josephine
Pellegrini, Marghet
Pellegrini, Nunzia
Pellet, Kate
Pelzer, Amiel
Pelzer, Betty
Pelzer, Mary
Pendleton, Elmer
Pendleton, Lucille
Penrod, (James) Wesley
Penrod, Albert
Penrod, Albert
Penrod, Charles
Penrod, Daniel
Penrod, Donald
Penrod, Estes
Penrod, Evert "Gib"
Penrod, Harlan
Penrod, Ida
Penrod, Ida
Penrod, Irma
Penrod, James
Penrod, John
Penrod, Lewis
Penrod, Louise
Penrod, Lucille
Penrod, Luvinnie
Penrod, Marie
Penrod, Mary
Penrod, Mildred
Penrod, Neomi
Penrod, Raleigh
Penrod, Raymond "Crow"
Penrod, Rock
Penrod, Ronald
Penrod, Ronald
Penrod, Ruby
Penrod, Walter
Penry, Lotta
Perdomo, Jorge
Pereira, Francisco, Dr.
Pereira, Maria Mercedes
Perkins, Brian
Perkins, Harry
Perkins, Lloyd
Perks, Edward
Perks, Sandra
Perrigan, Aphia
Perrigan, Ben
Perrigan, Ben Jr.
Perrigan, Judith "Judy"
Perrigan, Peggy
Perry, Dr. J. L.
Perry, Elizabeth
Perry, Ralph
Perschbacher, Charles
Perschbacher, James
Perschbacher, Jewel
Perschbacher, L. Eva
Pessina, Carolina
Pessina, Edna
Pessina, Henry
Pessina, William
Peterman, George Jr. 
Peters, Dale
Peterson, Janet
Peterson, Leon "Pete"
Peterson, Leona "Fern"
Peterson, Lillian
Peterson, William
Petrazio, Mary
Petro, George
Pettett, Edith 
Pettett, Herbert (Bert)
Petty, Geraldean
Pettypool, Charles
Pfau, Clara
Pfau, Martin
Pharo, Sue
Phelps, David
Phelps, Samuel Arthur
Phemister, Ruby
Phillips, Alva
Phillips, Baby
Phillips, Bobby "B. G."
Phillips, Didier
Phillips, Eldon
Phillips, Evelyn
Phillips, Goldie
Phillips, Henry "Hank"
Phillips, Herman
Phillips, Judy Jo
Phillips, June
Phillips, Lelslie
Phillips, Stephanie
Phipps, Caroline
Phlheim, Otto
Phoenix, Patricia
Piazza, Anthony
Piazza, Carmela
Piazza, Clara
Piazza, Joseph
Piazza, Leboria
Pickering, Betty 
Pickering, Bill
Pickering, Charles
Pickering, Charles
Pickering, Melvodere
Pickering, Vera
Pierce, Danny
Pierce, Elsa
Pierce, James
Pierce, Nancy
Pierce, Russell 
Pierce, Thomas
Pierce, Willard Sr.
Pieron, Edward
Pierson, Anna
Pierson, Charles
Pierson, Clayton
Pierson, Daniel
Pierson, Frank
Pierson, Freddie
Pierson, Norman
Pierson, Randall
Pierson, Rebecca
Pierson, Sharon
Piguard, Daisy
Piguard, Edward
Piguard, Henry
Pigue, Mae
Pike, Laura
Pilles, Nicholas
Pilles, Vivian
Piltz, Anna
Piltz, Charles
Piltz, Conrad
Piltz, Fred
Piltz, Ollie
Piltz, Robert
Piltz, Virginia
Pinkerton, Ada
Pinkerton, Hans
Pinkerton, Howard
Pinkerton, Lawrence
Pinkston, Geneva
Piper, Charles "Bill"
Piper, Dora
Piper, Ernest
Piper, Luella
Piper, Orlin
Piper, William
Pippin, Cecile
Pippin, Howard
Pippin, Marie
Piquard, Charles
Piquard, Danis
Piquard, Ethel
Piquard, Gary
Piquard, Mary
Piquard, Timothy
Pirtle, Cleve
Pirtle, Melvin
Pittman, Marjorie
Pittman, Michael 
Pittman, Robert
Pittman, Thelma
Pittman, William
Plater, Clarence
Plater, Franklin "Frank"
Plater, John
Plater, June
Plater, Vinnie
Platt, Charles "Davey"
Pleasant, Carrie
Pleasant, Donna
Pleasant, James
Plezer, Mary
Ploeger, Mary
Plough, Cornelia
Plough, Roy
Poe, Clifford
Poe, Leonard
Pointkowski, Lucille (Ihle)
Poirot, Alexander
Poirot, Georgette
Poirot, Josephine
Poirot, Katherine "Katie'
Poirot, Mary
Polk, Gene
Polum, Arlene (Baylian)
Poole, Arthur
Poole, Flora
Poole, Fred
Poole, Joyce
Poole, Mary
Poole, Robert
Porter, Elda
Porter, Elnora
Porter, George
Porter, Henry
Porter, James 
Porter, Mary
Porter, Michael Allen Anthony
Porter, Noah "Red"
Porter, Paul
Porter, Rhonda
Porter, Russell
Porter, Sharlottie
Poston, Frank
Potter, Ruth
Potts, Bonnie
Potts, Gordon
Potts, James
Poucher, Arthur "Pouch"
Poulson, Alexander
Powell, Anna
Powell, Catherine
Powell, Evan
Powell, John
Powell, Kathleen
Powell, Kathleen
Powell, Rosser
Powers, Harry
Powers, Mary
Powers, Merle
Powers, Richard
Prather, Ray
Prather, Robert
Prentice, Barbara 
Prentice, Kathryn
Presley, John
Presley, Michael
Presson, Lillian (Wolff)
Preston, Lee
Presutti, August
Presutti, Stephen
Pritchett, Charles "Ernie"
Privett, Leon
Proctor, Lillian
Procunier, Mary
Prost, Hazel
Prost, Mary
Prost, Wallace
Provoe, Nellie
Provoe, Robert
Provoe, Samuel
Provoe, Terry
Pugh, Blanche
Pugh, Edward
Pugh, Lena
Pulcher, August "Gus"
Pulcher, Christopher
Pulcher, Clarence
Pulcher, Ella
Pulcher, Kenneth "Dale"
Pulcher, Mildred
Pulfrey, Betty
Pulley, Dakota
Purcell, Beulah Gualdoni
Purcell, John
Purcell, John
Purcell, Wilma
Purdue, Mary
Purdy, Henrietta
Puricelli, Emanuel
Puricelli, Mary
Puricelli, William
Pusemp, Martha
Puttman, Eugene
Puttman, Frank
Puttman, Helen
Puttman, Henry
Puttmann, Esther
Puttmann, John
Puttmann, Millard
Pyatt, Emma (Leggans)
Pyatt, James
Pydett, Rebecca
Qualls, (Hattie) Izora
Qualls, Bert
Qualls, Betty
Qualls, Billy
Qualls, Carl
Qualls, David
Qualls, Dorothy
Qualls, Floyd
Qualls, Helen
Qualls, Homer
Qualls, John 
Qualls, Nellie (Will)
Qualls, Rose
Quigley, Loral


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