Cora "Dot" Schemonia
B: 1932-12-23
D: 2018-10-05
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Schemonia, Cora "Dot"
James "Jim" Rees
B: 1935-07-12
D: 2018-10-02
View Details
Rees, James "Jim"
Ronald Hamilton
B: 1963-08-03
D: 2018-10-01
View Details
Hamilton, Ronald
Jimmy Singleton
B: 1943-11-23
D: 2018-09-29
View Details
Singleton, Jimmy
Reid Fantas
B: 1990-04-10
D: 2018-09-28
View Details
Fantas, Reid
Stephen Jines
B: 1952-02-06
D: 2018-09-27
View Details
Jines, Stephen
"Danny" (Daniel Alan) Morefield
B: 1967-09-01
D: 2018-09-25
View Details
Morefield, "Danny" (Daniel Alan)
Lofton Atnip, Jr.
B: 1933-04-13
D: 2018-09-20
View Details
Atnip, Jr., Lofton
Jeffery Spicer
B: 1965-09-13
D: 2018-09-16
View Details
Spicer, Jeffery
Doyle Crabtree
B: 1937-02-28
D: 2018-09-14
View Details
Crabtree, Doyle
Connie Clover
B: 1956-11-26
D: 2018-09-13
View Details
Clover, Connie
Billy Leonard
B: 1935-10-10
D: 2018-09-13
View Details
Leonard, Billy
Sandra Cox
B: 1942-05-03
D: 2018-09-11
View Details
Cox, Sandra
Robert "Bobby" Lee
B: 1964-07-31
D: 2018-08-26
View Details
Lee, Robert "Bobby"
Charles Foster
B: 1933-01-18
D: 2018-08-25
View Details
Foster, Charles
Joe Burkey
B: 1925-04-06
D: 2018-08-22
View Details
Burkey, Joe
Doris Castlebery
B: 1930-03-01
D: 2018-08-16
View Details
Castlebery, Doris
Robert Barnum
B: 1940-07-10
D: 2018-08-11
View Details
Barnum, Robert
Doris Lyerla
B: 1927-03-07
D: 2018-08-10
View Details
Lyerla, Doris
Margaret Elizabeth "Betty" Barger
B: 1926-08-21
D: 2018-08-10
View Details
Barger, Margaret Elizabeth "Betty"
Anthony "Tony" Rinella, Jr.
B: 1948-10-24
D: 2018-08-10
View Details
Rinella, Jr., Anthony "Tony"


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Genealogy-Last name begins with H

The following is a listing of all the people with the last name beginning with H, that our funeral home has served since 1929.

If you would like genealogy information, please email us at List the name(s) of the people that you are requesting information on, include your name and relationship to the deceased, and put GENEALOGY REQUEST in the subject line of the email.

Haake, Harriet
Habermehl, Christina
Habermehl, Conrad
Habermehl, Emma
Habermehl, John
Habermehl, Louise
Hackler,  Arthur
Hackney, Addie
Hackney, Carrie
Hackney, Elizabeth
Hackney, Mary
Hackney, Shelby
Haddock, James
Haege, Geneva
Haege, George, Jr.
Hafer, Julius
Hafer, Mary
Hagan, Mary
Hagan, Violet
Hagene, Elizabeth
Hagene, John
Hagler, Ada
Hagler, Albert
Hagler, Annie
Hagler, Clarence
Hagler, Daisy "Granny"
Hagler, Dena
Hagler, Earl
Hagler, Edwin
Hagler, Elmer
Hagler, Eugene
Hagler, Imogene
Hagler, Kathryn
Hagler, Lemuel
Hagler, Linda Jo
Hagler, Marcia
Hagler, Mary
Hagler, Mary 
Hagler, Roy
Hagler, Verna
Hagler, Verna
Hagler, William "Bill"
Hagler, Willis
Hahn, Dorothy Pierce
Hahn, Valda
Hahs, Patricia
Hails, John
Hails, Marilyn
Hails, Ruby
Hails, Tony
Haimann, Bette
Hale, Amelia
Hale, Betty
Hale, Billy
Hale, Blanche
Hale, Clifford
Hale, Deborah "Debbie"
Hale, Delphia
Hale, Donna
Hale, Effie
Hale, Ellen
Hale, George
Hale, John Jr. 
Hale, John Sr.
Hale, Joyce
Hale, Louie
Hale, Mabel
Hale, Mary "Babe"
Hale, Mildred
Hale, Owen
Hale, Raymond
Hale, Richard
Hale, Stan 
Hale, Thomas
Hale, Torrence
Hale, Ziretta
Hall, Bert
Hall, Bertha
Hall, Betty
Hall, Blanche
Hall, Helen
Hall, Herbert
Hall, Jessica
Hall, Mamie
Hall, Retta Fligor
Hall, Sarah
Hall, Sidney
Hall, William
Hallworth, Ruby
Hallworth, Vernon
Halpin, Anna
Halpin, Anna
Halpin, Celestine
Halpin, Elizabeth
Halpin, John
Halpin, John
Halpin, Mary
Halteman, Lillian
Ham, Alonzo "Gorden"
Ham, Alvin
Hamann, Marie  (DeLorme)
Hamblin, Cynthia
Hamby, Margaret
Hamilton, Eileen
Hamilton, Hazel 
Hamilton, James
Hamilton, John
Hamilton, Lottie
Hamilton, Mamie
Hamilton, Marjorie
Hamilton, Ralph
Hamilton, Ray 
Hamilton, Rosie
Hamilton, Theda
Hamilton, Wilbert "Bud"
Hamlet, Olga
Hamlet, Philip
Hamlin, Scott
Hammann, Herbert
Hammer, Dale
Hammerschimdt, Marie
Hammerschmidt, Earl
Hammerschmidt, Gertrude
Hammerschmidt, Russell
Hammond, Keith
Hammond, Marie
Hammonds, Lucian
Hampton, Agnes
Hampton, Lucy
Hampton, William
Hamson, Ellen
Hancock, Jennifer
Hand, Alma
Hand, Ardell
Hand, Burl
Hand, Clara
Hand, Gilbert "Snow"
Hand, Grace
Hand, Joseph
Hand, Margaret
Hand, Opal
Hand, Orillian
Hand, Peter
Hand, Ray
Handley, Lawrence
Handley, Wanda
Haney, Hamby
Haney, Hunter Richard-Ray
Haney, Mabel
Haney, Martha
Haney, Nell
Hangsleben, Besse
Hangsleben, Ralph
Hankins, Deborah
Hankins, Lillie
Hanks, Carmella
Hanks, Florence
Hanna, Ora 
Hanna, Rosalie (Balsano)
Hanna, William
Hannig, Shona
Hans, Theresa
Hansas, Alma
Hansas, Hobert
Hanschmidt, Joseph
Hanson, Argel
Hanson, Beulah
Hanson, Donald
Hanson, Edwin
Hanson, Grace
Hanson, Hamor
Hanson, Kathryn "Katie"
Hanson, Mae
Hanson, Pearl (Rose)
Hanson, Tanner
Hanson, Urba
Hanson, Viola
Hard, Frederick
Hardin, Anna
Hardin, Beulah
Hardin, Mary
Hardin, William
Hardwig, Louise
Hardwig, William
Hardy, Anna
Hardy, Beatrice
Hardy, Betty
Hardy, Joan 
Hardy, Leo 
Hardy, Lola
Hardy, Marguerite
Hardy, Ralph
Hardy, Robert
Hardy, Rufus
Hardy, Thomas
Harman, Dorothy
Harman, Morrel
Harms, Nathan Cason-
Harper, William Jr.
Harrall, Elizabeth
Harrall, John
Harrell, Margaret
Harris, Edward
Harris, Ethel Stanton
Harris, James
Harris, James
Harris, James "Pat"
Harris, Lillie
Harris, Lula
Harris, Mary
Harris, Melba
Harris, Nedrith 
Harris, Nelda
Harris, Peggy
Harris, Rittie
Harris, Walter
Harrison, Catherine
Harrison, Elmer
Harrison, Manaila
Harrison, Monroe
Harrouff, Gordon
Harrouff, Jennie
Harrouff, Kermit "Gene"
Harsha, Albert "Al"
Harsha, Barbara
Harsy, Harold
Hart, Debra
Hart, Donna
Hart, John
Hart, Mary 
Hartley, Edna
Hartline, Betty
Hartsock, Virginia
Harty, Michael
Haselwood, Ida
Hassebrock, August
Hassebrock, Edna
Hassebrock, George
Hassebrock, Herman
Hassebrock, Peggy
Hassebrock, Ray
Hatcher, Agusta
Hatcher, Raymond
Hathaway, Harriet
Hathaway, Hazel
Hatley, David
Hatley, John
Hatley, Johnnie
Hatley, Katherine
Hatley, Steven
Hauner,  Frances
Hauner, George
Hauner, Gertrude
Hauner, Lena
Hauner, Sebstian
Haury, Claude
Haury, Ruth
Haury, Viola
Haury, Walter
Hausaman, Amanda
Having, Terry
Hawes, William
Hawk, Beckie (Rebecca Sue)
Hawk, Esther
Hawk, LaVonne
Hawk, Raymond
Hawk, Sula 
Hawkins, Mary
Hawkins, Rex
Hawkins, Ronald
Hawley, Ralph
Hawthorne, Robert
Hay, Louis
Hayden, Mary Starbuck
Hayes, Keith
Haynes, Geneva
Healy, Dorothy
Heape, Bertha
Heape, Nena
Heape, Ward
Hearn, Nancy
Hearn, Oran
Heavener, Cecil
Hedge, Shirley
Hee, Mary
Heeszel, Adolph
Heeszel, Emma
Heeszel, John
Heeszel, Wilma
Heilman, William
Heine, Daniel 
Heininger, Ethel
Heininger, Fred
Heininger, Fred
Heinlen, Gracia
Heins, Bernice (Evelyn)
Heins, Earl
Heins, Willard
Heintz, Frances Strothmann
Heiple, A. (Andrew)
Heiple, Alma
Heiple, Emily
Heiple, Floyd
Heiple, Harold
Heiple, Joseph
Heiple, Larry
Heiple, Lavern
Heiple, Louis
Heiple, Louis
Heiple, Lucy
Heiple, Ollie
Heiple, Virginia
Heiple, Wiley
Heiple, William "Bill"
Heise, Anna
Heise, Edgar
Heise, George
Heise, James
Heise, Lydia
Heise, Martin
Heise, Rosalee
Heise, Rudolph
Heise, William
Heitz, Adeline
Held, Charles
Held, Charles M/Sgt
Held, Jeanette
Held, Mabel
Held, Marcus
Held, William
Held, Zoe
Helfer, Darrell 
Hellmer, John
Hellmer, Josephine
Helms, Essie
Helsinger, Frances
Helton, Laura
Helwig, Charles
Helwig, Charles Jr.
Helwig, Frederica
Helwig, Jennie
Henderson, Darrell
Henderson, Teresa
Hendrich, Frank
Hendricks, Earl Jr.
Hendrix, Elvelyn
Henley, Paul
Hennen, George Jr. "Tag"
Hennes, Lessie
Hennessy, Dennis
Hennessy, Hanora
Hennessy, James
Henrich, Anna
Henrich, Catherine
Henrich, Frank
Henrich, Largus
Henrich, Philip
Henry, Edward
Henry, Elnora
Henry, Emma "Frances"
Henry, Irene Trammel
Henry, John
Henry, Mary
Henry, Pearl
Hensley, Julia
Hensley, Lester
Hensley, Robert
Hensley, Robert
Henson, Isabelle
Herbert, Fred "Judge"
Herbert, Matilda
Herbert, Ruby 
Herman, John
Hermsdorfer, Joseph
Herrin, Carrie
Herring, (Addie) Lorraine
Herring, Albert
Herring, Anna
Herring, Benjamin
Herring, Clarence
Herring, Grover
Herring, Harry
Herring, Hazel
Herring, John
Herring, Joseph
Herring, Kathryn
Herring, Mary
Herring, Pauline "Pat"
Herring, Sod
Herring, Steven
Herring, Timothy
Herrington, Ethel
Herrington, Raymond
Herron, Catherine
Herron, Gilbert
Herron, Ralph "Hunker"
Herron, Vestal
Herron, Walter
Heuser, Cheryl
Heydari, Alysabeth
Hickam, Clifford
Hickam, Effie 
Hickam, Georgia
Hickey, Arthur
Hickey, William
Hickman, Thelma
Hicks, Betty
Hicks, Frank
Hicks, Jack
Hicks, Lonnie
Hicks, Lula
Hicks, Mary
Higgerson, Anna
Higgerson, Arnold
Higgerson, Bertha
Higgerson, Clifford
Higgerson, Joseph
Higgerson, Joseph Jr.
Higgerson, Paul
Higgerson, Roy
Higgerson, Vana
Higginbotham, Hermina
Higginbotham, John
Higginbotham, Minnie 
Higginbotham, Raymond
Higginbotham, William
Higgins, James
Higgins, Kathryn
Higgins, Raymond
Higgins, Rhonda 
Higgs, Carl 
Higgs, Charles
Higgs, Imogene 
Higgs, Jennie
Higgs, Lewis
Higgs, Lois
Higgs, Nellie
Higgs, Raymond
Higgs, Roy
Higgs, William
Higgs, William
Hildebrandt, Edna
Hildebrandt, John
Hill, Bradley Sr.
Hill, Brian
Hill, David
Hill, Elmer
Hill, James
Hill, John
Hill, Kathy
Hill, Lawrence
Hill, Marvin
Hill, Norma
Hill, Wilda
Hiller, James
Hiller, Jerry
Hiller, Mary
Hiller, Mary
Hiller, Scott
Hilt, Mabel "Mae"
Hinchcliff, Branchford
Hinchcliff, Branchford
Hinchcliff, Branchford
Hinchcliff, Grace
Hinchcliff, Harold Jr.
Hinchcliff, James
Hinchcliff, Leona
Hindman, Fern (Meade)
Hindman, Rufus
Hine, Beulah
Hine, Harry
Hines, Almira
Hines, Carl
Hines, Creston
Hines, Gilbert
Hines, Halylie "Hay Hay"
Hines, Loy "Gene"
Hines, Rose
Hines, Vera Stearns
Hines, Wanda
Hingst, Clarence 
Hinkle, Michael
Hiser, Albert
Hiser, Claude
Hiser, David 
Hiser, Joseph
Hiser, Juanita
Hiser, Julia
Hiser, Lula
Hiser, Ray
Hobbs, Barbara
Hobbs, Dennis
Hobbs, Ferne
Hobbs, Gilliam
Hobbs, Laurence
Hobbs, Lawrence
Hobbs, Minnie
Hobbs, Paula
Hobbs, Ralph
Hobbs, Rosa
Hodge, (Helen) Louise
Hodge, Cathorine
Hodgson, Ada
Hodgson, John
Hodgson, Margaret
Hoef, John
Hoef, Ruth
Hoffecker, Thomas Jr.
Hoffman, Appa
Hoffman, Edward
Hoffman, Geneveive Pittman
Hoffman, Lera
Hoffman, Louis
Hoffman, Norma
Hoffman, Ralph
Hofling, Madelyn
Hofman, Ruth
Hofmann, Louis
Hofmann, Maude
Hohm, Valentine
Holcumbrink, John "Jake"
Holcumbrink, Rose
Holden, James
Holder, Andrew
Holder, Blanche
Holder, Florence
Holder, Gertrude
Holderfield, William
Holley, Agnes
Holley, Edward
Holley, Jefferson
Holley, Kenneth
Holliday, Claude
Holliday, Cora
Holliday, Edward
Holliday, Ella
Holliday, Ernie
Holliday, Fern
Holliday, Laura
Holliday, Robert
Holliday, Roy
Hollis, Cecil
Hollis, Virginia
Hollman, Melvin
Holloway, Anna
Holloway, Clola 
Holloway, Frank
Holloway, Helen
Holloway, Norman
Holloway, Robert
Hollyman, Winsome
Holman, Harold
Holman, Norma
Holmes, Bobby
Holmes, Carlos
Holmes, Charles
Holmes, Elva Bush
Holmes, Margie
Holsombeck, Lucille
Holsombeck, Paul
Holst, Arthur
Holst, Lois
Holt, Aline
Holt, Anna
Holt, Bessie
Holt, Della
Holt, Donnie
Holt, Elbert
Holt, Elizabeth
Holt, Fannie
Holt, Hazel
Holt, Jack "Taters"
Holt, Jeanne
Holt, Jeffrey
Holt, Jennie
Holt, Joe Jr. 
Holt, Joseph
Holt, Joyce
Holt, Laura
Holt, Leroy
Holt, Priscilla
Holt, Richard
Holt, Ronald
Holt, Sylvia
Holt, Thomas 
Holt, Virgil
Holthaus, Frank
Homan, Adolph
Homan, Alfred
Homan, Daisy 
Homan, Emelia
Homan, Harry
Homan, Henry
Homan, Lena
Homan, Lydia
Homan, Mary Jane
Homan, Raymond
Homan, Rudolph
Hood, Emery 
Hood, Jerry
Hood, Mabel
Hood, Ted
Hooker, Joseph
Hooker, Oshell
Hooker, Sharon
Hooks, William
Hopkins, Andrew
Hopkins, Frances
Hopkins, Henry
Hopkins, Mary
Hopkins, Odes "Hoppy"
Hopkins, Sharon
Hopkins, Stella
Hopkins, William
Hoppenstedt, Deborah (Rowden)
Hoppenstedt, James
Horn, James
Houghlan, Edgar
House, Baby Girl
House, Donnie/Ronnie (Twins)
House, Dr. Stephen
House, Fred Sr.
House, Joyce
House, Ruth
House, Zella
Housewright, Ada
Housewright, Archie
Housewright, Emma
Housewright, Jearl
Housewright, Lela
Housley, Joe
Howard, Betty
Howard, Della
Howard, Eula
Howard, James
Howard, James
Howard, Millard
Howard, Raymond "Gene"
Howard, William
Howe, James
Howe, Janice
Howell, Dennis "Bud"
Howell, Doris
Howell, Eunice
Howell, Herman
Howell, Herschel
Howell, Hubert
Howell, Jim
Howell, Louis
Howell, Matilda
Howell, Opal
Howell, Sadie
Howell, William
Howell, Winnie
Hoyle, David
Hoyle, Florence 
Hoyle, Lloyd
Hoyle, Scott
Hrabik, Dr. John
Hrabik, William
Hubbard, Henry Jr.
Hubbs, Earl
Hubbs, Howard
Hubbs, Ruth
Huber, John
Hubler, Barbara
Huddlestan, Myrtle
Huddleston, Rufus
Hudson, James
Hudson, James
Hudson, James
Hudson, Loren  "Huck"
Hudson, Lucille
Hudson, Lydia
Hudson, Madeline
Hudson, Marjorie
Hudson, Norma (Eastman)
Hudson, Rex
Hudson, Thelma
Huff, Pearl
Huffhine, Harold
Huffman, Carl
Huffman, James
Huffman, Jarred
Huffman, Lary
Huffman, Paul "Red"
Hufnagel, Ann
Hufnagel, Edward
Hufnagel, Edward
Hufnagel, Florence
Hufnagel, Leo
Hufnagel, Nell
Hufnagel, William
Hufnagle, Minnie
Huges, Elmer
Hughes, Charles
Hughes, Charles
Hughes, Clarence "Earl"
Hughes, David
Hughes, Eddie
Hughes, Evelyn
Hughes, George
Hughes, James
Hughes, Laura
Hughes, Lowell
Hughes, Pauline
Hughes, Riley
Hughes, Winifred "Winnie"
Hulvey, Goldia
Hulvey, Melbourne "Joe"
Humm, Mary
Humm, Mitchell
Humphrey, David
Humphreys, Esther
Humphreys, John
Humphreys, William "Bill"
Humphries, James
Hunsaker, Bertha
Hunt, Litha
Hunter, Charles
Hunter, Lavin
Hunter, Lester
Hunter, Samuel
Hunziker, David
Hunziker, Fred
Hunziker, Fred Sr.
Hunziker, Harold
Hunziker, Henrietta
Hunziker, James
Hunziker, Phyllis
Hunziker, William
Hunziker, William "Bill"
Huppert, Agnes
Huppert, Alice (Jenkins)
Huppert, August
Huppert, Cleo
Huppert, Edward 
Huppert, Edward Sr.
Huppert, George Sr. 
Huppert, Mary
Huppert, Opal
Huppert, Paul
Huppert, Prudence
Huppert, Ronald
Huppert, Roy
Huppert, Ruth
Huppert, Thelma
Huppert, Veronica
Hutchings, Lottie
Huthmacher, George
Huthmacher, Josephine
Huthmacher, Julia
Hutti, Martin
Hutti, Mary Virginia
Hyland, Ethel


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