Cora "Dot" Schemonia
B: 1932-12-23
D: 2018-10-05
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Schemonia, Cora "Dot"
James "Jim" Rees
B: 1935-07-12
D: 2018-10-02
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Rees, James "Jim"
Ronald Hamilton
B: 1963-08-03
D: 2018-10-01
View Details
Hamilton, Ronald
Jimmy Singleton
B: 1943-11-23
D: 2018-09-29
View Details
Singleton, Jimmy
Reid Fantas
B: 1990-04-10
D: 2018-09-28
View Details
Fantas, Reid
Stephen Jines
B: 1952-02-06
D: 2018-09-27
View Details
Jines, Stephen
"Danny" (Daniel Alan) Morefield
B: 1967-09-01
D: 2018-09-25
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Morefield, "Danny" (Daniel Alan)
Lofton Atnip, Jr.
B: 1933-04-13
D: 2018-09-20
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Atnip, Jr., Lofton
Jeffery Spicer
B: 1965-09-13
D: 2018-09-16
View Details
Spicer, Jeffery
Doyle Crabtree
B: 1937-02-28
D: 2018-09-14
View Details
Crabtree, Doyle
Connie Clover
B: 1956-11-26
D: 2018-09-13
View Details
Clover, Connie
Billy Leonard
B: 1935-10-10
D: 2018-09-13
View Details
Leonard, Billy
Sandra Cox
B: 1942-05-03
D: 2018-09-11
View Details
Cox, Sandra
Robert "Bobby" Lee
B: 1964-07-31
D: 2018-08-26
View Details
Lee, Robert "Bobby"
Charles Foster
B: 1933-01-18
D: 2018-08-25
View Details
Foster, Charles
Joe Burkey
B: 1925-04-06
D: 2018-08-22
View Details
Burkey, Joe
Doris Castlebery
B: 1930-03-01
D: 2018-08-16
View Details
Castlebery, Doris
Robert Barnum
B: 1940-07-10
D: 2018-08-11
View Details
Barnum, Robert
Doris Lyerla
B: 1927-03-07
D: 2018-08-10
View Details
Lyerla, Doris
Margaret Elizabeth "Betty" Barger
B: 1926-08-21
D: 2018-08-10
View Details
Barger, Margaret Elizabeth "Betty"
Anthony "Tony" Rinella, Jr.
B: 1948-10-24
D: 2018-08-10
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Rinella, Jr., Anthony "Tony"


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Genealogy-Last name begins with G

The following is a listing of all the people with the last name beginning with G, that our funeral home has served since 1929.

If you would like genealogy information, please email us at List the name(s) of the people that you are requesting information on, include your name and relationship to the deceased, and put GENEALOGY REQUEST in the subject line of the email.

Gaertner, Hilda
Gaffney, Bette
Gagnon, Margie Monroe
Gaines, Katherine
Gale, Donald
Gale, Grover
Gale, Jessie
Gale, John
Gale, Junior
Gale, Larry
Gale, Lillian
Gale, Margaina
Gale, Oliver "Jim"
Gale, Paul
Gale, Viola
Gale, Wanda
Gale, William
Gale, William
Gallick, Betty
Gallick, Lawrence
Galloway, Braden
Galnow, Agnes
Gamblin, Iola
Gannon, John
Gant, Agnes
Gant, John
Garavaglia, Ernest
Garavaglia, Lena
Gardner, Gusta
Gardner, John
Gardner, Katherine
Gardner, Katherine
Gardner, R. E. "Buck"
Gardner, William
Garland, Augusta
Garner, James
Garner, Michael
Garner, Peter
Garner, Robert "Bobby Gene"
Garner, Walter
Garrison, Lawrence
Gass, Dennis
Gass, George
Gass, Hazel
Gassel, Francis
Gassel, Frank
Gates, Jennie
Gates, Orval
Gates, Velma
Gates, Willis "Dutch"
Gatewood, Lu Ann
Gauquier, Cecile
Gauthier, Ida
Gearhart, Francis "Aline"
Gearhart, Frank
Gearhart, Mabel
Gearhart, Raymond
Gearhart, Sarah
Gebhardt, Alphonse
Gebhardt, Hedwig
Gebhardt, Walter
Geen, Pearl
Gehinko, John
Gehpart, Daniel
Geiger, Gary 
Geiger, Mary
Geiger, Russell
Geilhawsen, Robert
Genovese,  Helen
Genovese, Bryan
Genovese, Carlo
Genovese, Donald
Genovese, Ella
Genovese, Felicia
Genovese, Joseph
Genovese, Joseph
Genovese, Lt. Col. Donald
Genovese, Mary
Genovese, Maurice
Genovese, Vince
Georgeff, Robert Sr. "Bobby"
Gerberding, Betty
Gerdes, Doris
Gerdes, Richard
Gerdt, Catherine
Gersenslager, Estelle
Gerstenschlager, Gale "Pete"
Gerstenschlager, Omma
Gerstenschlager, Pete
Geschwend, Infant
Gibbs, Bennie
Gibbs, Evelyn
Gibbs, Mabel
Giberson, Harold
Gibson, Abel
Giffin, Alfred
Giffin, Edith
Gilbert, Neola
Gilbert, Susan
Gill, Ann
Gill, Delia
Gill, Frank
Gill, Josephine
Gill, Mary
Gill, Mary
Gill, Muriel
Gill, William
Gill, William
Gillenberg, Baby Boy
Gillenberg, Henry
Gillenberg, John
Gillenberg, Margaret
Gillenberg, Viola
Gilliam, Julia
Gillmore, Donald "Doc"
Gillmore, Patricia (Patty
Gillooly, (Clara) Elizabeth
Gillooly, Anna 
Gillooly, Charles
Gillooly, Chief M/Sgt., Robert
Gillooly, Helen Fox
Gillooly, James
Gillooly, James
Gillooly, Katherine
Gillooly, Loretta
Gillooly, Mary
Gillooly, Robert
Gillooly, Ruby
Gillooly, Thomas
Gillooly, Vincent
Gillooly, Vincent
Gillooly, William
Gilmore, Frances "Franny" Kunce
Gilmore, Raymond
Gilmour, Delia
Gilmour, Robert
Gimmerson, Lora Meeks
Gimmerson, Stephen
Gipson, Barbara
Gipson, Graves
Giuseppe, Antonio "Tony"
Glasford,  Lawrence Sr.
Glasford, Lawrence, Jr. "Bud"
Glasford, Velma
Glasgow, Frances (DeVore)
Glasgow, Harold
Glass, David
Glass, Ida
Glasser, Bennie
Glasser, Catherine
Glasser, Charles
Glasser, Charles
Glasser, Charles
Glasser, Clifford
Glasser, David
Glasser, Fleda
Glasser, Fred
Glasser, Golda
Glasser, Jack
Glasser, Leonard
Glasser, Ruth
Glasser, Teresa "Bertie"
Glasser, William 
Gleason, James
Gleason, Mildred "Billie"
Glenn, Calvin
Glenn, Carl
Glenn, Dorothy
Glenn, Mary
Glidewell, Charles
Glidewell, Exie
Glidewell, John "Glide"
Glidewell, William
Glodo, Arzia
Glodo, Harding
Glodo, Violet
Glotfelty, Cleva
Glotfelty, Cyril "Corkey"
Goddard, Alvin
Goddard, Evelyn
Goddard, Glenna
Godell, Steven 
Godsil, James
Godwin, Harold
Godwin, Junior Ray
Godwin, Merle "Bricktop"
Godwin, Rhoda
Godwin, Tina
Goedert, Raymond
Golliher, Cenia
Golliher, Elizabeth
Golliher, Jerry
Golliher, Jesse
Golliher, John
Golliher, Margaret
Golliher, Michael "Gaz"
Golliher, Patrick
Golliher, Willard 
Golliher, William
Gombor, Freda
Good, Esrom
Goode, Mary
Goodknight, Delmar
Goodknight, Earl Jr.
Goodknight, Earl Sr. 
Goodknight, Myrtle
Goodknight, Viola
Goodknight, William
Goodknight, William
Goram, Augusta
Gorham, Paul
Gosney, Ward
Gossage, Connie
Gossage, Loren
Gottlieb, Phyllis
Gottway, Agnes
Gottway, Otto
Gould, Florence (Flo)
Grace, Carol
Grace, Coy
Grace, Elbinia
Grace, Joseph
Grace, Marjorie
Grace, Richard
Graeff, Charles
Graeff, Clyde
Graeff, Elizabeth
Graeff, Jessie
Graeff, Lamuel
Graeff, Mary  
Graeff, Minnie
Graeff, Rita
Graeff, Robert
Graeff, Wilhelmina "Minnie"
Graff, Betty
Graff, Claude
Graff, Clyde
Graff, Dianna
Graff, Dorothy
Graff, Earl
Graff, Gladys
Graff, Gladys
Graff, Herman
Graff, Hilbert
Graff, Irene
Graff, Jacob
Graff, JoElla
Graff, Karl
Graff, Kenneth
Graff, Lorin Dale
Graff, Louise
Graff, Mary
Graff, Randall "Randolph"
Graff, Raymond
Graff, Sherman
Graff, Shirley
Graff, Theda
Graff, Walter
Graff, Wayne
Graff, Wilbur
Graham, Everett
Graham, Ruth
Gram, Bessie
Gram, Webb
Grammer, Ardell
Grammer, Betty Tuthill
Grammer, Charles
Grammer, Charles
Grammer, Chester
Grammer, Cleveland "Pete"
Grammer, Dora
Grammer, Emory
Grammer, Ethel
Grammer, Gerald
Grammer, Hattie
Grammer, Helen
Grammer, Hobart
Grammer, Johnny
Grammer, Laura
Grammer, Louie "Slick"
Grammer, Lula
Grammer, Nelson
Grammer, Ora
Grammer, Paul
Grammer, Rev. Donald
Grammer, Shirley
Grammer, Susan
Granberry, Robt/BobbyGreenwell
Granger, Thomas
Graves, Harriet
Graves, Willard
Gray, Anthony
Gray, Howard
Gray, Ida
Gray, Johnnie
Gray, Lola
Gray, Mary
Gray, Mary 
Gray, Pearl
Gray, Samuel
Gray, Willie
Greathouse, Sudie
Green, Anna
Green, Delilah
Green, Erma
Green, Mildred
Green, Misty
Green, Phillip
Green, William
Greenberg, Harry
Greenberg, Helen
Greenwell, Carol 
Greenwell, Charles "Danny"
Greenwell, Charles Sr. "Dan"
Greenwell, Linda
Greenwood, Nancy Adkins
Greer, Taylor
Gregersen, Charles "Chuck"
Gregersen, Mamie
Gregg, Esther
Gregory, Anna
Gregory, Donald
Gregory, Earnest
Gregory, Elizabeth
Gregory, Eugene
Gregory, Helen
Gregory, James
Gregory, James
Gregory, Lillian
Gregory, Zena
Gremmels, Lydia
Gremmels, Margaret
Gremmels, Rudolph
Grenfell, Rebecca
Griffin, Albert
Griffin, Bobby
Griffin, Buckley
Griffin, David
Griffin, David
Griffin, Helen
Griffin, Lola
Griffin, Minnie
Griffin, Myrtle
Griffin, Roy
Griffith, Florence
Grimes, John
Grimes, John
Grimes, Lorene
Grimes, Marry
Grimes, Wm. "Ed"
Grissom, Joseph
Grissom, Judith
Grissom, Lowell
Grissom, Shirley
Grizzell, Hallie
Grizzell, Herbert
Grob, Billy
Grob, Elroy "Butch"
Grob, Henry
Grob, Robert
Groninger, Willy
Gross, Henry
Gross, Lydia
Grosvenor, Anna
Grosvenor, Clifford
Grosvenor, James
Grosvenor, Marie
Grosvenor, Myrtle
Grosvenor, Raymond
Gruebmeyer, Gladys
Gruebmeyer, Laura
Gruebmeyer, Ralph
Grundal, Anna
G'Sell, George
G'Sell, Louise
Gualdoni, Antonia
Gualdoni, Arthur
Gualdoni, Charles "Chick"
Gualdoni, Elbert "Bert"
Gualdoni, George
Gualdoni, John
Gualdoni, John
Gualdoni, John
Gualdoni, Mae
Gualdoni, Mary
Gualdoni, Norma
Gualdoni, Pearle
Gualdoni, Richard
Gualdoni, Violet
Guetersloh, Lavern
Guetersohl, Roy
Guier, Patricia
Guiette, Doris
Guiette, Edward
Guiette, Edward
Guiette, Mabel
Guiette, William
Guinn, Laura
Gulley, Dela
Gulley, Wanda
Gurley, Bertha
Guthrie, Henry
Guthrie, Mary 
Gutman, Nina
Gutting, Ruth



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