Cora "Dot" Schemonia
B: 1932-12-23
D: 2018-10-05
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Schemonia, Cora "Dot"
James "Jim" Rees
B: 1935-07-12
D: 2018-10-02
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Rees, James "Jim"
Ronald Hamilton
B: 1963-08-03
D: 2018-10-01
View Details
Hamilton, Ronald
Jimmy Singleton
B: 1943-11-23
D: 2018-09-29
View Details
Singleton, Jimmy
Reid Fantas
B: 1990-04-10
D: 2018-09-28
View Details
Fantas, Reid
Stephen Jines
B: 1952-02-06
D: 2018-09-27
View Details
Jines, Stephen
"Danny" (Daniel Alan) Morefield
B: 1967-09-01
D: 2018-09-25
View Details
Morefield, "Danny" (Daniel Alan)
Lofton Atnip, Jr.
B: 1933-04-13
D: 2018-09-20
View Details
Atnip, Jr., Lofton
Jeffery Spicer
B: 1965-09-13
D: 2018-09-16
View Details
Spicer, Jeffery
Doyle Crabtree
B: 1937-02-28
D: 2018-09-14
View Details
Crabtree, Doyle
Connie Clover
B: 1956-11-26
D: 2018-09-13
View Details
Clover, Connie
Billy Leonard
B: 1935-10-10
D: 2018-09-13
View Details
Leonard, Billy
Sandra Cox
B: 1942-05-03
D: 2018-09-11
View Details
Cox, Sandra
Robert "Bobby" Lee
B: 1964-07-31
D: 2018-08-26
View Details
Lee, Robert "Bobby"
Charles Foster
B: 1933-01-18
D: 2018-08-25
View Details
Foster, Charles
Joe Burkey
B: 1925-04-06
D: 2018-08-22
View Details
Burkey, Joe
Doris Castlebery
B: 1930-03-01
D: 2018-08-16
View Details
Castlebery, Doris
Robert Barnum
B: 1940-07-10
D: 2018-08-11
View Details
Barnum, Robert
Doris Lyerla
B: 1927-03-07
D: 2018-08-10
View Details
Lyerla, Doris
Margaret Elizabeth "Betty" Barger
B: 1926-08-21
D: 2018-08-10
View Details
Barger, Margaret Elizabeth "Betty"
Anthony "Tony" Rinella, Jr.
B: 1948-10-24
D: 2018-08-10
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Rinella, Jr., Anthony "Tony"


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Genealogy-Last Name begins with I, J, or K

The following is a listing of all the people with the last name beginning with I, J, or K that our funeral home has served since 1929.

If you would like genealogy information, please email us at List the name(s) of the people that you are requesting information on, include your name and relationship to the deceased, and put GENEALOGY REQUEST in the subject line of the email.

Ice, Marjorie
Icenogle, Charles
Icenogle, Clarence
Icenogle, Gladys
Icenogle, Herman
Icenogle, Pearl "Nan"
Igou, Nelson
Ihle, Adele
Ihle, Bertha
Ihle, Charles
Ihle, Charles
Ihle, Doris (Wohlwend)
Ihle, Evelyn
Ihle, Herman
Ihle, John
Ihle, Joseph
Ihle, Joseph    
Ihle, Joseph "Mike"
Ihle, Louis
Ihle, Louis Sr.  
Ihle, Mary
Ihle, Mary
Ihle, Suzanne 
Ihle, Vera
Iman, Lucienne
Imhoff, Albert
Imhoff, Andrew
Imhoff, Annabell
Imhoff, Blanche
Imhoff, Charles
Imhoff, Ernest
ImHoff, Fred
Imhoff, Fred
Imhoff, Henry
Imhoff, Howard
Imhoff, Josephine
Imhoff, Laura
Imhoff, Lillie
Imhoff, Lola
Imhoff, Lottie
Imhoff, Lula
Imhoff, Monte "Pinch"
Imhoff, Orville
Imhoff, Pearline
Imhoff, Robert
Imhoff, Ruby
Imhoff, Ruby
Ingram, David
Ingram, Edna
Ingram, Isaac
Ingram, Lillian 
Ingram, Louis
Ingram, Mary
Ingram, Pearl
Inhoff, Henry Jr.
Inman, Dosia
Inman, Lloyd
Intintoli, James
Irizarry, Kathleen
Irma, Faughn
Irose, Johanna
Isackson, Robert
Isackson, Ruth
Isom, Augusta
Isom, J. S.
Isom, John
Ivy, June Ripley
Jack, Lillian
Jackman, Anna
Jackson, Ada
Jackson, Cornelious
Jackson, Daulford Jr. 
Jackson, Douglas "Charlie"
Jackson, Elmer
Jackson, Evelyn
Jackson, Harold
Jackson, Irene
Jackson, John
Jackson, Larken
Jackson, Marie
Jackson, Mary
Jackson, Mary
Jackson, Ollie
Jackson, Roy
Jackson, Tabitha
Jackson, Yvonne
Jaco, Elvin
Jacob, Alonzo
Jacobs, Clara
Jacobs, Clara
Jacobs, Elmer
Jacobs, Harold
Jacobs, Howard
Jacobs, John
Jacobs, Margery
Jacobs, Robert
Jacobs, Rosa
Jacquot, Arnold
Jacquot, Frank
Jacquot, Gary
Jacquot, Iva
Jacquot, Leah 
Jacquot, Mae 
Jacquot, Myrtle
James, Agnes
James, Dora
James, Frank
James, Fred
James, Janet
James, Josh
James, Mary
James, Phillip
James-Baxter, Jordyn
Jamison, Racheal
Janz, Anna
Jarboe, Clarence
Jarqnet, Wilburn
Jarrett, Daniel
Jarrett, Delia
Jarrett, Herman
Jarrett, John
Jarrett, Mabel (Wilson)
Jarrett, Samuel
Jarrett, Sarah
Jarvis, Albert
Jarvis, Jennie
Jarvis, Leona
Jatho, (Noah) Francis
Jatho, Charles
Jatho, Laura
Jatho, Thelma
Jedamsky, Ralph "Beetsie"
Jefferson, Thomas
Jeffrey, John
Jenkins, Carrie
Jenkins, Dessie Lambert
Jenkins, Eula
Jenkins, Helen
Jenkins, Homer
Jenkins, Julia
Jenkins, Lila
Jenkins, Lillian
Jenkins, Llewellyn
Jenkins, Louie
Jenkins, Rose
Jenkins, Sally
Jenkins, Thomas
Jenkins, Thomas
Jenkins, Wilhelmina
Jenkins, William
Jenne, Curry
Jennings, Carrie
Jennings, Elisabeth
Jennings, George
Jennings, Glenn
Jennings, Hazel
Jennings, Jerome
Jennings, John
Jennings, Marguerite "Margaret"
Jennings, Raymond
Jennings, Samuel
Jensen, Albin
Jensen, Jessie
Jensen, Karl
Jewell, Grace
Jewell, Sarah
Jihan, Mateo
Jines, Alice
Jines, Joseph
Jines, Michael
Jines, Richard
Johns, Myrtle
Johnsey, Kelley 
Johnsey, Winifred
Johnson, Alta
Johnson, Amanda
Johnson, Amy
Johnson, Andy
Johnson, Argel
Johnson, Arnie Jr.
Johnson, Arthur
Johnson, Austin
Johnson, Austin
Johnson, Billy
Johnson, Cullen
Johnson, Cynthia
Johnson, Daisy 
Johnson, Donald
Johnson, Effie
Johnson, Emilia
Johnson, Emma
Johnson, Ervin
Johnson, Esther
Johnson, Georgia
Johnson, Harry
Johnson, Helen
Johnson, Helen
Johnson, Henry
Johnson, Henry
Johnson, Ira
Johnson, Irene
Johnson, James
Johnson, Joe
Johnson, Joseph
Johnson, Joseph
Johnson, Julia
Johnson, Kimberly
Johnson, Leathia
Johnson, Lester
Johnson, Lillian
Johnson, Lloyd
Johnson, Mamie
Johnson, Manning
Johnson, Mary
Johnson, Mary Jane
Johnson, Norma
Johnson, Owen Jr. 
Johnson, Philip "Pete"
Johnson, Rachel
Johnson, Rebecca
Johnson, Richard
Johnson, Sharon
Johnson, Thomas
Johnson, Viola
Johnson, Walter
Johnson, William
Johnson, William
Johnson, William
Johnson, William
Johnson, William
Johnston, Harvey
Joiner, Kenneth
Jolley, Dessie
Jones, Amos
Jones, Baby
Jones, Baby Boy
Jones, Bessie
Jones, Caleb
Jones, Charles
Jones, Clarence
Jones, Claude
Jones, Edgar Sr.
Jones, Edward
Jones, Elizabeth "Betty"
Jones, Emma
Jones, Frances
Jones, Frank
Jones, Frank Jr. "Smokey"
Jones, Geneva
Jones, Helen
Jones, Henrietta 
Jones, Henry
Jones, Irene
Jones, Ivy 
Jones, James
Jones, Jennie
Jones, John
Jones, Joseph
Jones, Julia
Jones, Maria
Jones, Martha
Jones, Mary
Jones, Nora
Jones, Nova
Jones, Preston
Jones, Ralph
Jones, Robert 
Jones, Rory "Jonez"
Jones, Sharon
Jones, Sylvia
Jones, Tom
Jones, William
Jones, Wilma
Joubert, Beulah
Joubert, George
Joubert, James
Judy, Bernice
Julian, Chester
Julian, Julia
Kahne, Otto
Kahne, Paul Jr. 
Kahne, Rose
Kalina, Richard
Kallas, Margaret
Karl, Hubert
Karnes, Aaron
Karnes, Amy
Kasten, Gordon
Katzmark, Barbara
Katzmark, Clara
Katzmark, Frank
Kazantzis, John
Kearns, Raymond
Kebely, Esther
Keeley, Mary 
Keeley, Wilma
Keeling, Edward
Keen, Charili
Keen, Daniel
Keen, Linda
Keene, Louisa
Keene, Mary
Keeney, Paul Jr.
Keenon, Minnie
Keeton, Carol
Keipp, Nancy
Keiser, Mary
Keiser, Murl
Keith, John
Keith, Vertus
Keller, Doyle (Rev)
Keller, Seva
Kelley, (Joseph) Cole
Kelley, Charles
Kelley, James "Jay"
Kelley, Sidney
Kelley, Wilma
Kelly, Courtney
Kelly, DeWayne
Kelly, Margaret
Kelly, Mike
Kelly, William Jr. 
Kelsey, Edward "Dink"
Kelsey, Mary
Kennedy, Mary
Kennedy, Prudia
Kennedy, Robert
Kenner, Keenan
Kenner, Maggie
Kenner, Mattie
Kenon, Emanuel
Kenon, Orbie
Keown, Judy
Kerley, Florence
Kerley, Helen
Kerley, James
Kerley, Jennifer
Kerley, Jessie
Kerley, Jim Bob
Kerley, Lee
Kerr, Paulina
Kerrens, Bertha
Kessel, Charlotte
Kessel, Ida
Kessel, Ralph
Keyes, Gertrude
Keyes, Joseph
Kiefer, Delores 
Kiefer, James
Kiel, Minnie
Kiel, Wm  Jr. "Dutch"
Kiel, Wm. Sr. "Dutch"
Kilby, Daisy
Kilby, Donald
Kilby, Ed
Kilby, Harry
Kilby, James Sr.
Kilby, Joseph
Kilby, Kelita
Kilby, Margaret
Kilby, Mary (McKinney)
Kilby, Mary Jo
Kilby, Nadine (Mileur)
Kilby, Robert
Kilgour, Ruth 
Killebrew, Flora
Killebrew, Halbert
Killingsworth, Maglene
Kilpatrick, June
Kilpatrick, Russell
Kimball, Clara
Kimball, Daisy
Kimball, John
Kimmel, Ada
Kimmel, Andrew
Kimmel, Augusta
Kimmel, Belle
Kimmel, Daniel
Kimmel, Dora
Kimmel, Harry
Kimmel, Joseph
Kimmel, Joseph 
Kimmel, Josephine
Kimmel, Leonard
Kimmel, Logan
Kimmel, Margy
Kimmel, Oliver
Kimmel, Opal
Kimmel, Percy
Kimmel, Philip
Kimmel, Raymond
Kimmel, Rita
Kimmel, Steven
Kimmel, Travis
Kimmel, Willard
Kimsey, Harold
Kimsey, Sharon
Kimzey, Charles
King, Alice
King, Anna
King, Anna
King, Betty
King, Charles
King, Charles
King, Cora
King, Daily 
King, Daniel
King, Daniel Jr.
King, Edwin
King, Eften "Fat"
King, Enola
King, Frank
King, Gladys (Baker)
King, Harmon
King, Hursel Sr. "H.L."
King, Ida
King, Jerry 
King, Jessie
King, John
King, John
King, John
King, John
King, Joseph
King, Katherin
King, Margaret
King, Marie
King, Octavia
King, Oscar
King, Polly
King, Ralph Stanton 
King, Rev. Charles
King, Ruby Kathleen
King, Walter
Kirsch, Sidney (Korando)
Kirschbaum, Joseph
Kita, Eugene
Klamp, Ronald
Klawer, Cecilia
Klein, Lena
Klein, Marie
Klein, Oscar
Klink, Eleanor
Klink, Harold
Kmucha, Joseph
Knapp, William
Knauer, Paul
Knauer, Verna
Knaus, Elizbeth
Knight, Wanda 
Knittel, George
Knoblauch, Arthur
Knoblauch, Catherine
Knoblauch, Elizabeth
Knopp, Gerald "Jack"
Knox, Hannah
Knust, Joseph
Knust, Violet
Kobiela, Gertrude
Kobiela, Joseph
Koch, Eleanor
Koebel, Oliver
Koehn, Harold
Koehn, Myrtle
Koen, Lawrence
Koen, Mabel
Koenig, August
Koenig, Catherine
Koenig, Edward
Koenig, Edward "Ed"
Koenig, Elizabeth
Koenig, George
Koenig, Gilbert
Koenig, Harold
Koenig, Joe
Koenig, Martha
Koenig, Sarah
Koenig, William
Koerber, Charles
Koerber, Mary
Kohlenberger, Mary
Kohlfeld, Wallace
Kohlfeld, Wiltrudis "Trudy"
Konneker, Stanley
Koons, Ralph
Korando, Albert
Korando, Andrew
Korando, Barbara
Korando, Carolyn
Korando, Catherine
Korando, Clara
Korando, Elizabeth
Korando, Jesse
Korando, Joseph
Korando, LaWanda
Korando, Mary
Korando, Mary
Korando, Mary
Korando, Mary 
Korando, Mitchell Sr.
Korando, Nancy
Korando, Oliver
Korando, Oliver
Korando, Randy
Korando, Robert
Korando, Roy Shelia
Korando, Thomas
Kortkamp, Alice
Kortkamp, Genevieve "Jean"
Kortkamp, Oscar
Kortkamp, Robert
Koskubar, Julia (Bock)
Kovacs, Joseph
Kraemer, Etta
Kraemer, Leo
Kraus, Helen
Kraus, Henry
Kraus, Kasper
Krawczyk, (Ruby) Hyacinth
Krawczyk, Patricia
Krawczyk, Robert
Krepel, Leo
Kreutztrager, Henry
Kreutztrager, Henry "Butch"
Kreuzer, Clara
Kroetz, Nellie
Krueger, Wayne
Krug, Dorothy
Krump, Wilma
Kuchno, Bernice
Kuchno, Kazmierz
Kuehle, Adele
Kuehle, Albert
Kuhn, Edward
Kuhn, Ella
Kunce, Harriet
Kunce, James
Kunce, Lillian (Mankin)
Kunce, Millard
Kunce, Nellie
Kunce, Ruby
Kunkle, Billy
Kunkle, Rosalie
Kupferer, Frances
Kupferer, Jessie
Kupferer, John
Kupferer, Joseph
Kupferer, Joseph
Kupferer, Joseph
Kupferer, Mary
Kupferer, Mary
Kupferer, Sarah
Kvochki, Sam
Kyle, Lowell Jr.



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